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10 Best Personal Blog WordPress Themes 2018

If you are looking for a WordPress blog theme or a WordPress personal blog theme, and you can not decide which WP blog theme is best for you, then the best WordPress blog theme list you’re reading right now is definitely the right address.

How should you choose a blog theme for your blog idea that you want to keep alive? Which is the best WordPress blog theme?

The most important thing for a successful blog is content quality, but whatever quality the content is, if not built on a solid foundation, all your efforts will be wasted.

For this reason, the theme selection has a very critical prescription. When it comes to choosing a WordPress blog theme, you have to use the best for success.

Here are a list of the 10 best wordpress blog themes for you among hundreds of WordPress blog themes on behalf of facilitating your business;

The Essence WordPress Blog Theme

wordpress-blog-temasi-essenceLearn More / Download     Demo

The best WordPress blog I want to include in the list of themes is the Essence WP blog-related Essence with its design.

If you are looking for a WordPress blog theme for your makeup blog, or are looking for a feminine style blog for women, and you are looking for a feminine WordPress blog theme, then Essence can be the real meaning of the WP blog!

The theme, which is very useful to be used both as a news theme, as a blog theme, and as a personal blog theme, has a tremendous visual sense in real sense.

The essence of WordPress blog is having a design that warms people’s mind seriously. If you examine the theme in detail, I am sure you will grant me the right.

This is a WordPress blog, which is also very good in terms of coding, speed and SEO. If you liked the look, definitely do not miss it!

Reader WordPress Blog Theme

wordpress-blog-temasi-readerLearn More / Download     Demo

WordPress blog is another best wordpress blog blogging theme that differs from my list design by Reader.

Reader wp blog theme is a WordPress personal blog theme that stands out from the vast text density of visuals. If you also like text-intensive designs from visuals and want to stand out with your writing, draw attention,

Reader WordPress blogging may be the right choice for you. In total, 5 different designs were designed for this WP blogging theme.

I would definitely recommend that you review the demos of the subject in detail. Also, recently, full-screen and 3-column features are very popular.

Reader WordPress blog-related free wordpress themes are very similar to hueman WordPressBlog theme which is on my list and is very popular theme for personal blogs. For Reader, we can call it a higher version of this theme.

Webly WordPress Blog Theme

wordpress-blog-temasi-weblyLearn More / Download     Demo

The best WordPress blog themes list is available in many WordPress blog themes, but unlike the one that stands out, its simplicity means that it has truly crossed the break.

Webly is the side that differs for WordPress blog contact, simplicity. Yes, if you’ve been looking at the demo look of all blog themes on the WordPress blog theme list,

You will see that Webly has much more than just other looks on it. If you are looking for a simple WordPress blog theme,

If you are looking for even more simple WordPress personal blogging, you should definitely take a thorough review of the blogging theme.

NewsMag WordPress Blog Theme

wordpress-blog-temasi-newsmagLearn More / Download     Demo

One of the best WordPress themes I have to offer on my list is another WordPress blog, but the best-selling theme is Newsmag.

Yes, among the top three best selling titles on the planet today, Newsmag can be used both as a WordPress blog theme and as a magazine theme. The quality of the blog is already proving the sales figures.

Using a multi-site contact in Turkey on this blog. While you visit the personal blogs list, you will see that many famous bloggers prefer this theme as their personal blogging theme.

Travel blogs are also located in the same case for Turkey’s foremost writing blogs trip. Many famous blogs are using this theme.

Yes, it’s a very useful WordPress blog theme, both in terms of technique and visuality and functionality.

The only drawback is hundreds or even thousands of sites using this theme occurs in Turkey. There are so many uses that sites that use this blogging theme for potential visitors are not able to give a lasting impression or a different impression.

This is not a disadvantage to be shot at. As I said, the theme is really great, but if you want to be different, if you want your blog to make a difference, it’s definitely a better choice for you than any other WordPress blog listed.

Voice WordPress Blog Teması

wordpress-blog-temasi-voiceLearn More / Download     Demo

Voice is one of the other popular WordPress blog topics I want to give my list of WordPress blog themes on my list

Again, like NewsMag, the Voice WordPress blog theme is among the top ten best selling titles in the world. Again, there is no need to mention too much about this blog theme. Already the sales figures show what a good quality WordPress blog is.

Likewise a very famous personal blog and excursion blog is also using the voice wordpress personal blog theme. In a real sense, it’s a huge blog.

The only drawback, as in the newsmag blog theme that hundreds or even thousands of sites that are using the blog theme in Turkey.

Use it if you like the theme, but be aware that it is also used by many sites and that it will give you difficulty in obtaining an identity on your site.

Engine Wordperss Blog Theme

wordpress-blog-temasi-engineLearn More / Download     Demo

Best WordPress Blog theme I want to promote is the list of best WordPress blog themes on the Engine.

Engine wp blog theme is a full theme in terms of both visual and text density. It is a blog-based theme that covers every aspect of the screen, completely covering the screen with responsive structure on any screen size.

If you want a full WordPress personal blog theme filled, packed with 3 columns, as well as a visual and sensible infrastructure meant to meet all my needs, definitely consider the Engine WordPress blog-related demos.

Hunted WordPress Blog Theme

wordpress-blog-temasi-huntedLearn More / Download     Demo

Hunted is one of the best WordPress blog themes in the listin subject to another WordPress blog while still targeting the big screen and having a pretty nice look at the design angle.

The Hunted WordPress blog is based on a homepage and content page design and a wp blog theme that does not attract serious attention.

Technically speaking, Hunted WordPress blog is a theme that can be easily used in many blog projects.

Maple WordPress Blog Theme

wordpress-blog-temasi-mapleLearn More / Download     Demo

One of the best and most beautiful WordPress blogs is Maple, which is another wordpress blog blog that stands out with its feminine design on the list of themes.

Having a fairly simple design and coding is actually quite a wp blog theme to be used in feminine projects, such as Maple WordPress blog-based WordPress eating blogging theme – WordPress makeup blogging theme.

I think both the price and the user comments I have received are enough to explain why this is the best WordPress blog theme list for this WordPress blog theme.

GoBlog WordPress Blog Theme

wordpress-blog-temasi-huntedLearn More / Download     Demo

Another great theme on the best blog contact list is GoBlog. Although the theme is not as successful as the MyThemeShop theme in terms of speed, it is possible to see the class as passing;

Google PageSpeed Insights score: Desktop 81 | Mobile 61
Pingdom Website Speed Score: 74
Gtmetrix Performance Score: Page Speed A (96%) | Yslow B (84%)

The theme, which stands out with its simplicity and modern appearance, is designed to take the entire content to the foreground. Therefore, the readability is very high

Of course, the high readability will increase the amount of time you spend in your blog, and therefore your blog interaction will increase, which will have a positive impact on your Google ranking.

With a lot of layouts you can put your blog in the view you want. When I examine the theme, you will feel a fluent fluency and you will better understand why it is on the best blog themes list.

Expert WordPress Blog Theme

wordpress-blog-temasi-marketing-expertLearn More / Download     Demo

Expert is the best wp blog-related listemain is another enormous theme. The theme of this blog, which has a very remarkable and warm design, was able to pass the class on speed kreteri, again as fast as MyThemeShop themes;

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights score: Desktop 81 | Mobile 70
Pingdom Website Speed ​​Score: 92
Gtmetrix Performance Score: Page Speed ​​A (90%) | Yslow C (76%)

If you are thinking of opening a marketing blog, Expert is tailored for you! If you ask why, the theme writer used the following words for the theme he designed;

I searched a lot of famous marketing blogs (quicksprout, kerwinrae, kendavis etc) and found out how a marketing blogging theme should look and what to focus on.

The first and most important thing is to focus on maintaining the maximum level of interaction with the whole blog design.
Having a simple, clear and professional design
Easily readable and understandable, and focused on bringing content to the reader with ease.

Here, the starting point and the target of the theme have been these 3 items and it seems to have arrived with an unquestionable success for the purpose.

How Does ? There are more social media buttons at the top of the theme. Just below the top menu is a promotional box (a promotional box)

There is a remarkable subscription form at the top of the sidebar of the existing blog, followed immediately by a promote box, and at the bottom of the content, a promoter just above the footer (bottom).


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