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WordPress Price / Product Comparison Theme

I will be telling you a WordPress subdirectory in which you can compare product prices and companies can charge your site with paid membership.

Rehub – ReCompare Theme

The name of the theme we will use in comparison is Rehub. Thanks to the free Recompare theme in the base of this theme, we can have a site that has the following visuals immediately.

Now I think we bought the domain name and hosting service. The theme came to the foundation. After buying the Rehub cover from Themeforest, we need to follow the installation steps from the cast.

Please follow the directions here to set up the Recomment theme demos. If we go through simple steps …

Download and install the All in one WP migration add-in.
Activate the rehub theme with the reference code you purchased.
Click Admin panel> Rehub> Demo stacks.
Then lower the ReCompare theme.
Run the All in one import plug-in Select the file you just downloaded as the theme to import into the house.
Download. That’s it.


If you use the tent for product price comparison, you can make a single product entry and collect a price from different companies with the content egg plugin. The “Buy now” button will bring the visitors to the branded market with the sales partnership steering.


If you want to compare the features of the two different products and direct the users to the affiliate links again, you should use this feature.

With all the features and user comments shared, you can create a better purchase appeal and remove the question marks from the head of your eyes. And of course you can still earn money from it using special links.

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