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WordPress Voice Theme Review and Settings

I’ll tell you all the details of WordPress voice theme. Let’s give you some information about this theme before we go on. Our theme is developed by meks and you can have themeforest theme site at an affordable price. It is a great tool for anyone who wants to create and edit their own music, videos and photos.


What can be done with voice theme ?

First of all, I want to give information about how to use the homepage, because this theme is one of the reasons for being preferred to take all kinds of home page and very useful. In the demo order to do so, we first open a new page from the pages section of your site’s admin panel. Then we open this page we do not put the name of the blank kalıcak page name and this page on our site front page.

We open the page editing section, on the right side of the page Properties box, the template “modules” are set to the bottom of the page down there, the properties boxes will open.


In the featured area/slider box, select layout, slider section can be set. Voice has offered us 3 different sliders, but I would recommend that you use the way I use the other two are a little screen kapabiliriyor still a preference to you. I don’t need to tell you about other places.

We’ve come to the modules section, the most important part. Here we organize how to list the articles in our homepage and what layout it will be. It would be better if you arranged this place the way you want it. You get better results by trying.


Mega Menu

I would like to tell you about the question of a friend of ours in the mega menuyu. First of all, let’s log in to our panel View > menus here you choose your menu


And as you can see in the picture above, if you want to do what category you want to go to its setting section and select mega menu (display posts from category).

Now, let’s get to the theme setting. You can also change the settings for the theme.


# General

Responsive mode: if you want to make the theme compatible with mobile, activate this setting
RTL Mode (right to left): the posts on your site appear from right to left.
Additional sidebar: if the number of Sidebar is not enough, you can duplicate it here.
Default featured image: you can set the image to appear automatically if you don’t add a highlighted image to your posts.
Addational CSS: if you want to add CSS code separate from the original of the theme, you can add it here.
Additional Javascript: you can also add JS code here.
Google Analytics tracking code: you can add your Google Analytics code.
Generate image sizes: it is useful to mark them all.

# Header Styling

You can use one of three options for header layout: header.
Header height: setting the header width.
Display search: if you want to get a search box in the menu, make the feature “on”
Sticky header: sticky header can be used if you want.
Enable header top bar: you can add a menu to the header. Here you can put your pages.
Use Mega menu navigation: select if you want to use Mega menu in your menus.
Use AJAX for Mega menu: select if you want to use AJAX in the mega menu.
Show subcategories in mega menu: select to show subcategories in Mega menu.
Activate slider for mega-menus-posts: mark for the slider display in the mega menu.

# Content Styling

You can adjust the background image in detail and adjust the colors to be used in your theme.
Sidebar Styling

As with Content styling, you can adjust sidebar colors here.

# Footer Styling

Enable Footer: if you want to add some stuff to the footer area, activate it.
Footer columns: how much the area of the footer will be separated and the layout setting.
Enable bottom bar / copyright area: you can place a box under your footer and publish your copyright information here. Edit copyright information ( just below) )

# Post Layouts

As you know, there are many different styles in voice contact, while using these styles, some meta information appears on your homepage. You can set them here, in addition to each different style separately. Let it look as you like.

# Single Post

Single post layout: in-thread image.
Sidebar layout: on-topic sidebar view.
Display category link: category link in the subject.
Display featured image: outstanding visual on the subject.
Display featured image caption: the title of the featured image.
Display author image: picture editor
Display headline (exceprt): topic.
Display tags: tags
Display share buttons
Display previous/next post links: activate the previous/next post links if you want them to appear.
Display author box: show author box

# Related Posts

If you want to add similar articles to the bottom of your topic, activate the display “related” posts box feature.

Related area posts layout: set which style similar to what type of writing will appear.
Related area posts number limit:
Related area elections from: where to get similar articles. Posts located in the same category will be taken from the same category that makes it more logical to choose if you choose it.

# Page Templates

Display featured image: display featured image.
Display featured image caption: featured image caption.

There’s not much adjustment here, actually, it’s almost the same thing.
Category Templates, Tag Templates, Author Templates, Search Templates, Post Page Archive, Archive Templates

There are also the same settings in the six page settings. How many of these settings will appear on the page of all of the articles, such as how many features available in detail do not need to be told BI already what is clear in them.

In addition, there is a demo importer tab in the theme Settings section here 3 different demos can reach your site with a single click you can install your favorite demos. If you examine the demo of the theme, you will know that the theme is a useful theme.

If you want to ask other about the theme, you just type in a comment where you have trouble setting up or adjusting the settings and I would be glad to help you by making a return.

Download    Demo

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